How to Edit or Delete a Product in Ecommerce

This article will show you how to add or delete a product in Ecommerce. 


  1. Navigate to Home > Ecommerce > Products. 
  2. You will be taken to the Lists of Products screen. 
  3. Click the “checkbox” to select the item you wish to edit. Click the “edit” icon. 
  4. You will be taken to the Edit Product main page. 


There are several tabs you may edit:

  • General Information 
  • Price and Stock
  • Descriptions and Meta Tags
  • Images
  • Options
  • Shipping


Detailed descriptions of the tabs are included below. 

General Information tab:


The mandatory fields that must have text or a selection are Product Name, Product Category, and Status. 

Optional fields you may edit include: Product SKU, Product Weight, Tax Class, On Sale, Featured, New Collection, and Cross Sell. 

Make your edits in the desired fields, and click the blue “Save and Close” button. 

Price and Stock tab:


  1. Product Price, Product Discount, and Product Quantity fields are mandatory. 
  2. To edit Product Stock, click the drop down bar and select In Stock or Out of Stock. 
  3. Make your edits in the desired fields, and click the blue “Save and Close” button. 


Descriptions and Meta Tags tab:


  1. The Meta Title is the mandatory field. You must enter a title here. 
  2. Type your desired meta tags text into the Meta Keywords and Meta Description fields. 
  3. There are fields for Product Description and Product Short Description, where you may add text or leave blank. 
  4. Click “Save and Close.”


Images tab:


  1. The Product Front Image is mandatory. The product gallery images are optional. 
  2. To delete an image in this section, click on the “Delete” red key which is located immediately to the right of the thumbnail image.  
  3. Below the images is a “Choose File” button. Click this button to upload a new Product Front Image or Gallery Image. 


Options tab:


  1. If you would like to add options such as “Size” to your product, click the drop down bar, select the option, and click the “Add+” green button. 
  2. An Option Value table will appear below the options table. 
  3. Click the “Add+” button to add a new option value. For this “Size” example, a line item will be created, with the size 5 as a drop down option. Quantity and Price fields automatically are added.
  4. Enter your values, and click “Save and Close.”


Shipping tab:


  1. All location fields are mandatory fields. Enter your shipping rates for each location, and click “Save and Close.”
  2. Click the “Back to Listing” button at any time to go back to the Lists of Products page.


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